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Getting started with property investing is hard.

Dealing with the market, banks, and regulators is confusing. The information you find online is often outdated, hard to understand, or locked behind expensive programmes. And mistakes can be very, very expensive.

At KO Estates

We know a thing or two about property investing...


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Since we started sharing our deals and process on social media, many of you reached out for one-on-one coaching and guidance.

This led to several new investors getting their first property.
Now, we want to help even more.

Introducing The Ko mmunity

Join the premium UK property investment community and access everything you need to succeed in the property investing game.

Spots are limited!

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All the resources you need to succeed are inside the KO-MMUNITY

Whether you are an absolute beginner or a seasoned pro looking to scale up, the KO-MMUNITY has everything you need to bring you to the next level.

Community Access

Access the KO-MMUNITY Facebook Group to network, meet other investors, ask questions, get an accountability partner, and more.

Learning Resources

Access our learning material about everything involving the property investing game, from mindset to deal evaluation and financials.

Monthly Newsletter

Get our monthly newsletter to learn new strategies, tips & tricks, and to stay up to date with every news in the world of property investing.

Live Group Coaching

Join our group coaching sessions to get practical lessons you can put into practice immediately. Get expert guidance and support.

Industry Experts Training Sessions

Join training sessions with special guests. From mindset and business coaches to big-time investors and financial advisors, we bring you the best.

Exclusive KO Estates Offers

Get priority access to our deals for properties in high-demand locations and exclusive discounts and deals on our property services on our closed Facebook group.

A Word From Our Clients.

“Best in the bizz! So professional”

John SmithDavid G

“When selling my property I received more interest viewings and activity in 2 days with KO Estates than I had in 3 months with a traditional Estate Agent. Would highly recommend!”

Jane DoeJo O

“Saved me time but more importantly made me money”

John SmithMark H

Find a group of people who challenge and inspire you, spend a lot of time with them, and it will change your life.

Amy Poehler

Your Network Is Your Net-worth

Katie Profile
Hi There

I’m Katie

And I’m the founder of KO Estates, one of the fastest-growing online property investment companies in the UK.

When I started, I didn’t know anyone who was already doing what I wanted to do… and I had no budget for expensive online programmes. So I had to learn everything the hard way on my own — and I know how confusing, time-consuming, and error-prone that is.

That’s why I decided to create KO-MMUNITY: it’s what I wish I had access to as a beginner!

Inside our KO-MMUNITY you will find resources, support from like-minded people, coaching from experts in the field. All for just a few pounds a month… because I want you to invest your money in properties instead!

I hope you will join us. I’m excited to help you on your journey!

Here’s what you get in the KO-MMUNITY

Get Community Support

Be part of a supportive community of like-minded people where ambition is celebrated. No crab-bucket mentality allowed.

Get Timely Updates

The world of property can change fast. We’ll make sure you’re always up to date with changes in legislation, regulations, financial rules, and so on.

Hear From The Experts

Get The Right Information

Remove the confusion! Get the right information you need about the property game. Ask any questions and remove any doubts.

Get Access To The Best Deals

Meeting other investors means creating a network of potential deals down the line. Plus, you get priority access to KO Estates deals and discounts on services.

Grab your early bird spot today!

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Get Started

Get Started

Get Started

Get Started

Get Started

The KO-MMUNITY has limited spots. Once they run out, enrolment will be shut down until we are sure we can handle more members.

When enrolment opens up again in the future, the price will go up. If you join today, however, you’ll keep your early bird price forever!

If you’re serious about investing,
why try to do it alone?

When it comes to starting out with property investing, you have two options.


Learn On Your Own

You can learn on your own, the hard way. And while you can figure things out this way, it also means months of sifting through bad information, mistakes, and wasted time and money...

Join A Group

… Or you can learn faster by joining a group of other investors like the KO-MMUNITY, and skip the confusion and painful lessons.

And if you join now, you can get everything for less than a coffee a week!


“From the get go, Katie and the team at KO Estates have been an incredible support for me. This is my first time venturing into the world of property and throughout my journey so far, KO Estates have simplified what some may say is an unbelievably overwhelming process. Katie has been not only been informative but consistently patient with my requests and has never put on any pressure towards making (what was for me) a life changing decision - I look forward to continuing our relationship and working closely together in the future. Thank you.”


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