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Learn how to successfully invest in high yield, armchair buy to let property in the North West of England for under £100k from anywhere in the UK or overseas.

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Getting started with property doesn’t have to be difficult.

The difference with this programme is that it’s results-driven. Focused on getting you where you need to be. We combine the industry knowledge with practical action steps to actually move you forward in your journey to make progress and get results.

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At KO Estates

We know a thing or two about property investing...


Monthly reach on our channels


Sourced property in the last 3 months


Investors on our list

Since we started sharing our deals and process on social media, many of you reached out for one-on-one coaching and guidance.

This led to several new investors getting their first property.
Now, we want to help even more.


Join the premium UK property investment community and access everything you need to succeed in the property investing game.

Spots are limited!

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All the resources you need to succeed are inside the UK Buy to let Bootcamp

We give you everything you need to start, grow and scale your investment journey.

6 Week Training Plan

Actionable Blueprint to take you from where you are right now to where you want to be.

Lifetime Video Access

Property is a long term game you will have access to our video library of training for life so you can go back whenever you need too.

Buy to Let Investor Toolkit

Including our Viewing Checklist, Buy to Let Calculator, Deal Review Dossier, Property Tax Handbook. Everything you need to confidently find and review the best deals quickly and maximise your returns.

Weekly Live Coaching Q & A Calls

It's not one size fits all in property, so these sessions are here for extra support. Help with any problems and to assist with any questions you may have on your journey. They are also to keep you accountable and to insure you are making progress.

Access To Our Industry Experts

Surround yourself with the best, learn from the best and work with the best to speed up your investment journey.

Exclusive KO Estates Offers

Exclusive discounts on property services.

Some of our results…

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Katie Profile
Hi There

I’m Katie

And I’m the founder of KO Estates, one of the fastest-growing online property investment companies in the UK.

When I started, I didn’t know anyone who was already doing what I wanted to do… and I had no budget for expensive online programmes. So I had to learn everything the hard way on my own — and I know how confusing, time-consuming, and error-prone that is.

That’s why I decided to create th UK Buy To Let Bootcamp: it’s what I wish I had access to as a beginner!

We have worked with 100’s of investors on their property journeys from beginners to property professionals and funds. We have taken the learnings from hundreds of transactions and condensed it into a blueprint, an easy to follow recipe you can follow to achieve the same results without having to go through the mistakes (and costs) that we have had to. We combine the industry knowledge with weekly Q and A calls to keep you accountable, ensure you are making progress and for extra expert support as everyone’s property journey is different.

I hope you will join us. I’m excited to help you on your journey!

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Outcomes of the programme

Get The Best Deals

Getting "first-sight" access to deals that are normally found by sourcing agents or prolific local investors - and not having to pay a fee.

Analysing Deals

Processes for analysing deals, performing desktop due diligence and making rapid decisions to avoid missing out on the best deals.

Hear From The Experts

Industry Knowledge

Insights into largely unknown local Northwest hotspots that will produce staggeringly high, hands-off rental yields.

Making It Passive

Building a trusted team of partners to allow easy, armchair investment from anywhere in the world you choose to be based.

Find out if you would be a good fit

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Limited availability to ensure the best experience for members.

This is for you if....


You Have Access to A Minimum of £20,000

You do need money to purchase property but it doesn't necessarily have to be your own, we say £20,000 as a guide.

You Want High Cash Flowing Properties

If you are looking to maximise cashflow then you are in the right place.


Wants to set up quickly and put the systems in place for hands-off investing.

Serious About Taking Action

and want to get results.

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“From the get go, Katie and the team at KO Estates have been an incredible support for me. This is my first time venturing into the world of property and throughout my journey so far, KO Estates have simplified what some may say is an unbelievably overwhelming process. Katie has been not only been informative but consistently patient with my requests and has never put on any pressure towards making (what was for me) a life changing decision - I look forward to continuing our relationship and working closely together in the future. Thank you.”


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